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Vision and corporate policy


Stettler Sapphire is a key player in the international marketplace for quality scratch-resistant sapphire crystals and for components of synthetic sapphire for technical applications. The know-how and experience gained from sapphire processing enable us to diversify into other markets for products made of brittle materials.  True to the claim "Swiss level of perfection" and its associated properties "reliable, precise, dynamic and committed", we strive to generate the best possible benefit for our customers, employees, investors, suppliers and our environment.



Stettler Sapphire is a for-profit company and generates an annual cash-flow sufficient to meet our obligations to investors, to finance company growth, to increase company value and to secure its existence in the long term. Our corporate structures are the basis for efficient task completion and performance. We are process-driven, boast short decision-making channels and rely on a broad distribution of responsibility. When justified, we hold a stake in other companies or collaborate with them. The purpose of such collaboration may be the development and use of know-how, synergies, cost advantage or the development of market opportunities. In principle, the same corporate governance applies to subsidiaries as it does to Stettler Sapphire

We conduct a corporate policy driven by sustainability. In the process, we make use of modern management methods, quality management systems, risk and knowledge management systems and IT systems designed to meet our needs. Such systems are certified to the extent such certification proves beneficial. Our corporate culture is marked by our history and our employees: in a familiar environment we deliver top performance as individuals and as team members to consolidate corporate success, to respond with flexibility to changes and to strive for on-going improvement and innovation. Our machinery, systems, processes and procedures are in compliance with all safety and ecological standards and provide for the cost-effective manufacturing of products which meet customer requirements in terms of quantity and quality. Our products, performance and action are marked by reliability, precision, dynamics and commitment. In the process, we boost the confidence and appreciation of our stakeholders in our company, our position in international markets and our corporate image.


On the basis of philosophy and vision, management defines the policies governing corporate and core processes, strategy and strategic objectives. These are approved by the board of directors. Corporate policy is formulated by company management. It sets forth how to implement vision and philosophy and which values are of particular significance. On this basis, management formulates the policy of individual core processes. It informs as to how the core process delivers benefit for the stakeholders and contributes to corporate success, how and with which resources this performance is made possible and how to measure success. Vision and philosophy are viewed in the long term (>10 years), strategy and company policy in the medium and long term (5-10 years) and strategic objectives and core process policy in the short-to-medium term (2-5 years). They are periodically verified and adjusted.